• eto sterilizer manufacturer in india

    Ambica Sterilizer

    ETO Sterilizer, Steam Sterilizer, Hospital ETo Sterilizer, Hospital Autoclave sterilizer

    ETO Sterilizer Manufacturer-Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer, Hospital ETO Sterilizer, Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizer from Ahmedabad.

  • eto sterilizer manufacturer in ahmedabad
    40 litre to 20000 litres capacity
    with advance Automation technology
    Better Sterilization
  • macbookpro
    1XL, 2.6XL, 4 XL, 5XL, 8XL
    Automation for easyopeation
    40gm, 100gram,170 gram ETo Canister
  • Reaction Vessel
    Used for Chemical, Pahrmaceutical, Bulk Drug and many other process Requirment.
    Sainless Steel and Other matel construction
    10 litres to 20000 litres capacity
  • sigma mixer
    made out of stainless steel or mild steel
    Viscose materils Mixing
    Z arm type Sigma Blade

Welcome to Abster Equipment

Abster Equipment is mainly involved in making ETO sterilizer in India. We are the leading ETO Sterilizer manufacturer, we put a lot of emphasis on the quality and the features of our products.

  • ethylene-oxide-sterilizer-machine

    ETO Sterilizer Machine is used for sterilzation of Medical Devices and pharmacutical..
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    Medical autoclave and low temperature Steam sterilizers for hospital CSSD. Abster is a Hospital Steam Sterilizer manufacturer specializing in autoclave sterilization,
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    Manicacturer of Chmeical , Orgenic/inorganic, bulk drug chemical plant & Machinery.
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    Manufacturer of Pharma Machinery for Injectable Plant, Teblet Plant, Api Plant, Bulk Drug manufacturing.
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Products We manufacturing

Abster Equipment is raputed Manufacturer and Exporter of various types of Pharmaceutical Machinery, Chemical Machinery, Chemical Machinery and Paint Machinery . .

ETO Sterilizer Ppecification

ETO is an effective sterility at low temperature with excellent penetration properties under controlled conditions. EO Sterilization is a ideal and widely practiced method of sterilization. Being a cold process, it has low influence on physical characteristics of most products. During the process of Sterilization, ETO offers flexibility in terms of, wide range of compatible films and packaging material; this is entirely customer-convenience-dependant. ETO Sterilization can be done by varied techniques like Steam sterilization, Radiation, E beam, Gaseous and Chemical sterilization. .

What Is ABSTER ?

We already have clients using our Steam Sterilizer, ETO Sterilizer and Dry Heat Sterilizer and sterilizer automation technologies all over India, Medical disposable product Laboratories, Raputed Hospitals, Spice, Food & Agro product manufacturers and even other sterilizing equipment manufacturers. Some of the leading medical and food product manufacturers are already using our ETO Sterilizer machine.


We manufacture high quality, excellent and precisely functioning ETO for Hospital. Sterilization is one of the chief and mandatory processes in the hospitals and needs to be executed perfectly and efficiently.
Our sterilizers are excellent for killing pathogenic micro-organisms and incorporate electrical heating jackets to offer uniform steam and temperature distribution in the heating chamber. It sterilizes a variety of hospitals tools and equipments.


We are primarily into manufacturing and supplying ETO for Medical Surgical Equipments. Our sterilizer is perfect for sterilizing diverse varieties of medical items such as medical dressings, medical devices etc..